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Guardian Crossroads Inc. (GC Inc) provide a variety of services among the youth and young adult population. Services that plant seeds of growth and break generational cycles of poverty physically, mentally, and spiritually!

Our services are evidence-based trauma informed care that is person centered on self-determination, self-sufficiency, and self-preservation!

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Services can be provided: in-person; virtual; or we may can travel to your location! 


Services available by appointment Only!

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Ages: 16 - 25


CrossWise Holistic Coach

Intentional coaching structure that recognize the presence of traumatic symptoms, systems, and experiences rooted in deception that consciously or subconsciously form our thinking, beliefs, and behaviors! (1on1 Coaching; SMART Goals; Accountability Partner; Vision Board; Identity)


CrossTalk RYMTIC Coaching/Counseling

Healing from trauma when the body keeps the score is a difficult task when trauma leaves traces of itself throughout our mind, emotions, and behavior generation after generation! Rooted patterns physically, mentally, and spiritually manifest itself in fragile, fragmented, and sometimes complex ways. Recognizing, acknowledging, and healing that little girl or little boy deep inside begins the healing process. (1on1 Coaching/Counseling; RYMTYH Grow Group; Soul Mending; Fatherless; Motherless; Circle of Life; Generational Curse; Broken Colors)

Let’s Talk About It: Counseling and Coaching services!!


CrossWork Employment Coach

As the village of advocates, defenders, and catalyst for tomorrow's leaders, we exist to enable youth to reach their full potential despite the barriers of inequality, equity, and respect of person. Empowerment will teach that experiences are only steppingstones to destiny when one intentionally lives on purpose! Anything you set your mind to you can succeed, but two are better than one, and three is not easily broken with our help we focus on academic, financial, career, and social well-being. (Resume Writing; Job Search; College Prep; Vocational Training; GED Prep; DIY Debt & Credit)


CrossOver Life Skills Coach

Safely navigate, recognize, support, and equip oneself with the fruits of a good spirit that produces lifelong sustainability! Good spirit skills include time management, self-love, commitment, communication, conflict resolution, and continuous evolving. (Life Skills; Emotional Intelligence; Self-Love; CHESS; Safe Conversations; People Factor; King&Queen Court)


CrossCourt Community

Support Coach

Educating, acknowledging, and altering behavior surrounding the criminal acts that are rooted in the fabric of a poverty mindset physically, mentally, and spiritually. "The problem not the problem; the root is!"

Adult Groups include: Life Skills, Anger Management, Anti-Theft, Marijuana Intervention, and Parenting. 

Youth Groups include: RECLife Skills Mission (youth), RECLife Mentor Project (teen), and Behavior Modification


CrossWord Discipleship Coach









Biblical principles that create a healthy spiritual growth in an atmosphere of learning, togetherness, and faith through applying the Word through daily character building! (DISCIPLESHIP; WitW Grow Groups; MitW Grow Groups)

Affordable Village Living! ( coming in the future)

Housing for aging out of foster care. homeless, or community youth

Transitional Housing 

College Break Housing 

PurpleHaven Shelter

RECLIFE Skills Mission

Through the RECLIFE Missions Project, youth from every social, ethnic, and financial background will experience connections that transcend friendships and ones that go deep within to give each other safety, grace, acceptance, comfort and truth; which provokes each other to love and good works.

Boys & Girls Ages 8-12

Mobile Edition 

A dynamic comprehensive mentor program with progressive methods of communicating with and redirecting today’s adolescences in five essential aspects of life. This mission helps adolescences develop the knowledge, attitudes, and soft skills they will need to make a safe and successful transition to adulthood.

Boys & Girls Ages 13-16 

RECLife Mentor Project


Reintroducing the Village!

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